An Unexpected Challenge Creates A Wonderful Opportunity To Give Back…

Our beautiful son Trent was diagnosed with a learning disability in Kindergarten, and like many families we were left with far more questions than answers. Our journey has been a struggle at times, but luckily we have found so many amazing learning opportunities exist. It was a given that we felt drawn to make these same great resources available to every family. Whether your child is academically gifted, struggling or right on track, being able to provide them with all the academic tools they need in a fun and enjoyable format is a wonderful feeling. Turtle & Pete represents our family’s desire to make learning a joyful process for all kids. So, it is with great excitement that we are able to provide your family with high quality, fun and effective learning products all conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Our learning club format will provide your family with greater access to proven early education products while saving you both time and money. We look forward to helping you tap into your child’s learning potential, while building their self-confidence and love for learning along the way.

Turtle and Pete is a family run company and true labor of love. My name is Ally and I work full time as a Financial Controller, while my husband Rob is a Fire Captain. We get a lot of help and support in filling your orders from my mom Debbie, my step dad Mark who works for Coastline College, while many of our featured articles and teaching tips are furnished by my sister Katy who is an early education teacher and my other sister Natalie who is a special education teacher. All our amazing technical handy work is furnished by Dirk, who is an accomplished software developer and long-time family friend.

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